Parc Canberra Site Plan

Parc Canberra EC comes with full-fledged condo facilities which are designated into zones. The facilities are thoughtfully laid out so that there is ample space for residents and a good balance between structures, facilities, open spaces and landscaping.

The facilities in the Site Plan below are numbered and these correspond to the zonal listing further below.




Arrival Zone

1. Drop Off Plaza
2. Guard House
3. Resident’s Side Gate
4. Covered Linkway
5. Entrance Lobby
6. Entrance Pool


Active Zone

7. Courtyard Tree
8. Deck Pool
9. Cabana Deck
10. 50m Pool
11. Outdoor Shower
12. Pool Outside
13. BBQ/Panyaki Pavilion
14. Gym
15. Steam Room
16. Yoga
17. Water Cascade
18. Pool Spa
19. Pool Lounge


Family Zone

20. Pool Family
21. Sun Deck
22. Kid’s Water Play
23. Fun Deck
24. The Bar
  a. Media Room
  b. Kid’s Party Room
  c. Function Room
  d. Study Room
  e. Outdoor Courtyard
25. Pavilion 2
26. Pavilion 3
27. Resident’s Side Gate
28. Covered Linkway


Fitness Zone

29. Multi-purpose Case
30. Pavilion 4
31. Playground
32. Play Pavilion
33. Outdoor Fitness Centre


Nature Zone

34. Garden Seats
35. Gard Pavilion 
36. Community Garden
37. Bioswarld Garden
38. Jogging Trail



39. Substation/Trans. Rm.
40. Genset
41. Bin Centre
42. Mgmt Office: basement
43. Bicycle Lots: basement


Parc Canberra

Hoi Hup Sunway Canberra Pte. Ltd.
Developer License No: C1341
UEN No: 201832062W

Enquiries Hotline:
For enquiries related to the eligibility, registration / booking procedures, please contact:

Name: Pemi
Hp / Whatsapp: 90091172